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Music for Struggle Cyber Bullying

Erasmus+ Project 

Music for Struggle Cyber Bullying in Turkey KA152 project for young people.

The Musicist in Bursa is looking for four partners in Europe for a project that focuses on creativity to raise awareness about cyberbullying. Deadline for application is May 10.

In our project, we aim to evaluate the song and the video clip we will make with the participants for cyberbullying awareness.

Partners selected will have to help in find 6 young people between 18-30 years old.

Erasmus KA152 - Mobility of young people
Target: 18-30 age
Activity Date: 11 September 2021 Online Meeting
Advance Planning Online Meeting: 11 -12 December
Youth Mobility: 11 -17 April 2022
Deadline Call: 10 May
Partners: 5 (Turkey included)
Participants: 4+1
Location: Turkey, Bursa

send me an email with PIF of your organization to eu@muzikist.org